Kaaterskill Falls

I’ve gone hiking many times in New York by now, but the hike I did this past weekend was by far my favorite one. It was raining the morning we were on the road and we thought about just staying behind and opting for a sushi buffet instead. I’m glad we didn’t, because this waterfall hike was worth the drive through the rain! Kaaterskill Falls was a pretty easy hike, I would say, besides the muddy grounds from after the rain. There are paved steps and staircases on the trail, but it does get quite rocky at some point. And if you’d like to step into the falls, you might just have to do some light climbing. Honestly, I think I’ll just let my photos speak for the beauty of these falls.


You don’t always have to travel far for an adventure, day trips has its perks as well. Stay tuned for my next destination! Thanks again for reading!

🌺 EM


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